Q65: Nothing but Trouble

Having been into Garage Punk, 60s R &B, Freak Beat and Psych for ages, I can’t rate this collection highly enough. Picked up ‘Revolution’ some years ago, having read about it in an ancient ‘Who Put the Bomp’, on the Dutch music scene of the 60s and these guys can hold their heads high with the big boys from the States and UK. You don’t have to make any allowances, this is primo stuff of the highest order.

Just like the Remains, why weren’t they bigger?

There are quite a few tracks from ‘Revolution’ and various singles. Oddly enough, there is no filler. Every choice is great, even the later tracks by ‘Circus’.

This kicks off with ‘Cry in the Night’, with as great a sneer, snarling guitars and pounding drums as you’d like. The imperfect English pronunciation just makes it better, trust me.

There’s other great stompers like ‘It Came to Me’, cool blues jams like ‘80% O’, great covers of ‘Spoonful’ and ‘I’m a Man’, the classic ‘The life I Lead’ and the Bo Diddlyesque ‘I Got Nightmares’ etc.

They’re eclectic, too. ‘Just Who’s in Sight’ has kind of a Mazurka or Arabic sound with a flute solo, ‘Sour Wine’ uses a mandolin and harmonium and they are GOOD.

The only thing stopping my going through the whole list is time and the risk of tedium.

Great liner notes and photos too.

Just geddit, already. As it says on the back, ‘You need this CD more than you need food’.

Amazon, Oct 2008

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