Here are some great websites that I really love. They are guaranteed to 'fill your well'. Enjoy!

  • Brainpickings A wonderful site, full of heart, warmth and lots of human connection. Writers, artists, poets, philosophers and more, giving it truth, tears and joy…
  • Le Chȃteau D'Oiron An amazing chateau in the south of France, with a world class collection. They do everything from interaction with the local community via an annual meal in the chateau, to classes and workshops for children and youth, and more; all with a great sense of style and fun, well worth the visit! To check the website, start with Curios & Mirabilia in the 'Explore' section.
  • Franz Marc Museum The English language link to this world class gallery, located in beautiful Bavarian woods (with amazing huge widows so you can enjoy the trees AND the art). It’s focus is on Franz Marc, Paul Klee and other artists of the Blue Rider group, but there’s so much more, including an excellent German Expressionist collection and more besides…
  • The National Gallery of Ireland Located in the heart of Dublin, after years of restoration and refurbishment, in June 2017 they reopened the historic wings of the gallery to the public. The gallery is an excellent resource, with a great collection of Irish and international artists, art and musical events, activities for kids, a lovely café and restaurant, and more.
  • MOMA A great portal to New York’s Museum of Modern Art, including community projects, exhibition news and bios on all the artists in their collection (the actual gallery has THE food hall, too. Yummy indeed).
  • Open Culture My favourite website; an astounding resource. More than a thousand films (!), 9,000 Grateful Dead concerts (!!),  80,000 Classical music scores (!!!), tons of e books, a whole range of courses, lectures, articles, ads, and really SO MUCH more. Check it out…..
  • Tate Gallery A huge website giving lots of info on this amazing resource (four major galleries in England, including two in London), current exhibitions, news and special articles.