Flowers for Fudd



Flowers for Fudd: No 4 in the Komikism Series. Oil on canvas. 60cm x 80cm. For sale.

Also available in a limited edition of Giclée fine art pigment prints.

Like Towards a Better Tomorrow – Unity Through Diversity, the starting point was a Socialist Realism painting of Stalin, in this case being given a bouquet of flowers by a group of Young Pioneers. Everyone is standing in similar positions as in the original painting, and instead of Stalin looking imperiously towards the left and above the children’s heads, I wanted Elmer Fudd to engage more with them, and with us. I also amped the colours up quite a bit and although the original shows the children completely in awe of Stalin, I tried to make them a little more vague in appearance. There is often something creepy and anonymous about people in an ideological group or club, and I wanted to capture that.