Dark Paisley


Dark Paisley: No 1 in the Psych Pseries. Oil on board. 50cm x 40cm, framed. In private collection, Ireland.

Also available in a limited edition of Giclée fine art pigment prints.

A few years ago I had decided to take some time out of teaching and to focus on just painting. This, coupled with having a new studio space, seems to have inspired some new ideas.

I’ve always had a love for all things psychedelic (not just the music, but a lot of the imagery as well) and a particular love for a lot of the 60s San Francisco rock music posters by people like Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso, to name but a few. There is something so alive and vital about their work. I love the graphic freedom and the often deliberate use of clashing colours juxtaposed together to create movement and dynamism.

Also, part of this image (the colours of the paisleys and the eye) is inspired by the cover of the first 13th Floor Elevators album, designed by John Cleveland. There is also a bit of a Pop Art feel to this work, also in the use of lettering. Pop is a genre that I appreciate much more now than previously.