Incident at Blackrock



Incident at Blackrock: No 3 in the Komikism Series. Oil on canvas. 51cm x 76cm, framed. For sale.

This is pretty much the loosest I’ve ever gone with an oil painting. Based on a photo I took from Blackrock DART station (not far from my studio) of Poolbeg Generating Station in Ringsend, Co Dublin. The structure and towers are a real Dublin icon and the day I took the photo there was an amazing cloud formation to the left of the buildings, on an otherwise subdued, gray day.  I tried to focus on the clouds, the blues and purples of the sky and shore, and try to exaggerate them a bit. I also simplified the structure and towers as much as I could.

Finally, I saw a triangular shape on the beach from the DART train window one day and that gave me the idea to create an impossible scene…