I love Fuzztone (Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art Pigment Prints)


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I❤️ Fuzztone: No 3 in the Psych Pseries. Limited edition of 51 Giclée fine art pigment prints.

This is my tribute to fuzztone, an indispensable component of garage-punk and a lot of psychedelic rock (both are among my favourite genres). It’s more than 50 years since 1966, and although fuzztone has been around a little longer (ie the Stones’ Satisfaction from ’65, among others), ’66 was probably the major year of its use. There are, of course, lots of great bands flying the garage flag, with ample fuzz to this day.

I started with an ‘I ❤️ NY’ image and kept the ‘fuzztone’ letters consistent with that, but realised that there would be more power if they started distorting in sync with the colours, aimed at suggesting psychedelia.