Powerscourt Riverwalk



Powerscourt Riverwalk. Pencil on paper. 59cm x 62cm, framed. For sale.

The Powerscourt Estate is another local gem here in North Wicklow. While the estate grounds, house and waterfall are lovely, the real attraction for me is the lesser-known river area, as the estate actually includes a few miles of the river Dargle, which also flows through Bray, where I live. There are all kinds of amazing forest and meadow areas, with huge trees, and, of course, the river itself.

The drawing was done between late summer and early winter, so it was rather an adventure dealing with the seasonal changes, both artistically and physically, especially the cold Irish wind! Additionally, it was quite a challenge trying to capture, through one pencil alone, space, form and volume without confusing colour, and light and dark.