Self Portrait in Studio



Self Portrait in Studio. Oil on canvas. 70cm x 56cm, framed. For sale.

This self portrait, painted in natural light in my studio, gave me several challenges. I was sitting and looking at a mirror with one of the windows behind me. In contrast to the light coming in, the interior and I were comparably dark, so it was initially difficult to find the right colours to ‘translate’ what I was seeing and experiencing.

It was also quite hard at first to decide on a range of colours at a particular time of day, especially when the outside light was changing. I was also trying to use the paint to accurately draw the shifting horizon lines behind me, and to try to keep the colours in relationship with each other. Finally, I wanted to ensure that one could ‘read’ the various vantage points in relation to each other, such as being able to go from my ear, to my nose, the shoulder (the nearest part of the painting to the viewer), back to the electric socket, to the window sill behind me, etc. and so to get a sense of space in the room that I was occupying.