Artwork Stories

Katherine Riordan, Bray, Co Wicklow

Dave is  an artist in the absolute true meaning of the word. His ability to really get to the soul of the sitter and his acute observation translates into a visual insight of the person he is painting.  

D O’B, Co Wicklow

Dave recently painted a family portrait of my myself, my wife and 2 kids, the thing that struck me most was that he worked from a photograph only and has never met any of us but the painting gave the impression that he had a deep understanding of the individual personalities involved, he is clearly a very talented, intelligent and thoughtful artist and I would have no problem to recommend him to anyone.  

T J C, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

Wonderfully evocative and subtle watercolours of landscape moments.  

S P, Dublin

Our Dave Flynn still-life watercolour is an oasis of warmth, peace and calm. Fusing wood, ceramic, glass and flowers, this evocative picture radiates warm, earthy colours, with hints of bloom and fade, and nuances of dreams and rest. Its soft brush strokes are exactly the sort of peaceful image we look forward to coming home to of an evening, which explains why we chose it to warm up our north-facing hall.  

S D, Finland

I own this awesome and lovely piece of work =)  

Simon Keogh, Dublin

David’s  relentless and active physical engagement with the landscape brought about a deeper thoughtful piece that uttered a newly undiscovered aspect. It  made the connection between artist, medium and viewer stronger allowing a certain unrealised potential. We saw this in artwork entitled Sugarloaf Trees as Seen from Luisne, Kilcoole, and we bought it to possess that tenuous uncertainty.  

Lorrie, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

I am lucky enough to have two of Dave Flynn’s original watercolour paintings – one a beautiful, peaceful pastoral scene and the other a stunning seascape. I love the magnetism and harmony of my two paintings.