Art Lessons

Art Lessons

I have been teaching art for years and love it! The connection between tutor and student is important to me, as we're all on a journey of deepening our skills, experience and practice. We also all need to be able to 'find our place' in the world of art, whether we're professional or just want to enjoy the process and result of creating. I now offer online art courses from beginner to intermediate and more advanced levels; I also offer specialist tuition at art college level. I want to share all that I've learned and experienced after more than 35 years of art practice with you, and because they are online art courses, you can access them anytime that's convenient for you!

Would you like to understand more about art and learn how to put it into practice? The Introductory Course for Beginners will lead not only to completed works of art, but also to an increased understanding and appreciation of the artistic process. We will start with an overview of Art History and Art Appreciation, and quickly move into art practice.

For students of the Intermediate and Advanced Courses, we'll continue your artistic journey by working with your existing projects and ideas, as well as create new works or find new possibilities of expression.

For students interested in Tuition at Art College Level, I offer highly specialised and tailor-made workshops, stretching individual levels of art practice.

Michael Homan, Dublin

I would highly recommend the art classes given by Dave Flynn. I found them great, as each person has the freedom to choose what they want to do and Dave caters for all levels of ability and experience / inexperience. I can truly say I felt I was getting individual tuition on what I was doing, while at the same time learning from the direction and tutoring he was given to other people in the class which I overheard. There is no pressure or criticism in the class and I think everyone there felt very relaxed even when trying something totally new. Dave has a good manner and is very encouraging. It is a truism to say “we learn from our mistakes” – what makes Dave’s class so good is that when you look at a painting you are working on and know that it just isn’t right, but even after trying this and that, you cant fix it. Dave will come along, look at the painting, discuss maybe this…., maybe that… and help you see what is wrong and then help you fix it. It is a credit to his experience and talent as a painter himself that he can do this, in what seems like an effortless way.  

Wishing you all the best, K. A., Co Wicklow

Hi Dave, Thank you so much for getting me started in painting. I greatly enjoyed your classes and think I could not have found a nicer, more generous and more professional art teacher than you. As a teacher and an artist myself I greatly appreciate your sensitive way to interact with people and to create an environment where everybody feels welcome and teaching and learning is combined with kindness and fun.  

Sheila Walsh, Co Wicklow

I started Art Appreciation and Practice  3 years ago with Dave and have not looked back since.  I am of advancing years and have made various attempts In the past to ‘learn’ the basics of drawing and painting and have always come away disappointed with the amount of help and instruction I got – I always Felt, as did others with me, that the teacher got a few people under his/her wing who showed promise and the rest of us kept on trying….. Can be frustrating. HOWEVER when I started with Dave Flynn I knew from the very beginning that I was in a good atmosphere.  I was determined to make some progress and I DID Right from the first hour. There were 5/6 of us , all in different places on their artistic journey and we all got the support and attention that we needed.  Dave is very friendly and  helpful.  He sizes each one up very quickly and knows our weak and strong points AND does not smother with lots of information all at once but Got me going into the space that I could progress from. He does not push but still his advice and suggestions are always valid though in my case it some times takes me A little while to acknowledge this truth! I have learnt a lot from him (sometimes ungraciously – I am a pigheaded person) and I am very grateful for the way he is ‘discovering’ the way I need to go both In watercolour and oils.  His patience is very much appreciated.  

Barry Redmond, Co Kildare

Dave has that rare ability of the great teacher who understands exactly where you’re at and gently suggests how you might progress to the next stage – usually just outside your ‘comfort zone’! Going on the Introductory Course helped me get over the fear of putting pencil to paper. Dave helped me discover a new freedom in ‘going with the flow’ and giving it a go. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Thanks, Dave! I needed the focus of a class to get me going. I needed the gentle guidance of a teacher to show me the way. My journey has begun. Thanks, Dave. One of the important things that you soon learn with Dave is that in Art there is no such thing as a mistake – rather the exciting discovery of a ‘new learning opportunity’!  

Marta Erdei, Dublin

With a little experience in painting I decided to take Dave’s beginner’s drawing and painting classes, hoping to put down some much needed foundations. I viewed drawing and painting in watercolors as necessary steps on the way towards working with oils. With Dave’s supportive and encouraging guidance I got much more than I expected; he spread his enthusiasm for drawing and evoked a real passion in me for watercolors. I’m hooked! And the group classes were fun!  

A Langley, Co Wicklow

I thoroughly enjoy Dave Flynn’s art classes at the School House Art Centre in Enniskerry village – the centre itself is a warm and comfortable space with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.Dave is an excellent teacher, who encourages and supports his students to find a personal style and authentic expression in their work.  His classes are also enriched by his extensive knowledge of art history and art techniques. Really enjoyable and rewarding class.  

Anne Waldek, Co Wicklow

I started as a complete beginner with Dave in November 2013. The course began with drawing and I was surprised that I was able to draw anything at all but with Dave’s patient and knowledgeable tuition I did manage to draw quite a few things.  In January I started on a second course with Dave where I learnt how to paint with watercolours. I am really enjoying it and as Dave is a really cheerful person the atmosphere is always very relaxed. Dave is very encouraging but at the same time he gives everyone detailed help with their work. It is such an absorbing way to spend time and I would recommend Dave to anyone who is thinking about learning to draw and paint. It has also been a great experience to meet with the other students who seem to come from all walks of life!  

Donna Mc loughlin, Co Wicklow

I am really enjoying the Thursday evening class. The three hour block means that I have uninterrupted creativity and this sustained concentration has been feeding into the rest of my week. I find that I have begun to be more creative at home and at college. It’s wonderful to have the freedom to work on observational drawing as well as mixing in more abstract approaches. I can see the progression from week to week and the environment at the School House is like a safe haven and conducive to drawing and painting. Dave is a very encouraging teacher and is always interested in hearing about my work, talking about my work is good for my own personal development and good practice for Crits!!!  

F. O’Toole, Co Wicklow

  Dave Flynn is a great art teacher with lots of patience! I am a complete novice and I have come on leaps and bounds under his guidance. I would definitely recommend Dave’s art class to everyone.