Works in Collections

Towards a Better Tomorrow – Unity Through Diversity
Dark Paisley
The Wedding on Folly Beach, SC
Apple on Red
Limes on Purple
Sugarloaf, Valley and Hedge, Ganymede, near Glencree
August Pears
Hill, Trees and Hedge at Ganymede, Glencree
Folly Beach Trees at Nightfall
East Folly Beach at Dusk
Dandelion and Tiles
From the Patio Near Folly Beach
White Flowers and Tiles
Daffodil and Tiles
Gerbera and Tiles No 3
Life, Death and Citrus Fruit
Morning Valley at Ganymede, Glencree
Sugarloaf in the Early Afternoon, Ganymede, Glencree
Valley in the Sun at Ganymede, Glencree
Sugarloaf from the Garden at Ganymede, Glencree
Sugarloaf in the Morning, Ganymede, Glencree
Misty Valley and Trees at Ganymede, Glencree
Sugarloaf from Ganymede, Glencree
Folly Beach Walker on a Misty Day, SC
Dusk Over the Pier, Folly Beach, SC
Lifeguard on Folly Beach, SC
Sugarloaf from Luisne, Kilcoole No 3
Final Scratch No 4
Sugarloaf from Luisne, Kilcoole
Folly Beach Pier Afternoon
Folly Beach Late
Folly Beach Later
Mary, Seat of Wisdom
Folly Beach Pier, Late Evening
Sugarloaf Trees as seen from Luisne, Kilcoole
Clearwater Cove, Monkstown
Still Life on Wooden Table
Still Life on Red
Still Life on Green
Self Portrait No 3
Annette, Coffee and Cake
Wimbledon 2